Sikkens Automatchic 3 Catches Colour the Smart Way 

Akzo Nobel Sikkens has developed a new hand-held colour matching tool, the Sikkens Automatchic 3 

This lightweight and highly sophisticated device delivers the most accurate colour match ever, making the task of colour matching faster and easier for every professional bodyshop.

Automatchic 3 is easy to operate and handle. Calibration takes seconds and a low calibration interval ensures that the tool is always ready for use. Colour readings can be rapidly downloaded to the Sikkens Mixit software via the USB connection. Power consumption is low, and it runs from regular or rechargeable batteries. 

Finding colours with Automatchic 3 is straightforward. First it ‘reads’ the colour and then it automatically searches for the closest formula, even if a colour code is not available. Errors are detected automatically and, if necessary, formulae are optimized. For very difficult colours Automatchic 3 offers a tinting step which automatically tints the chosen formula. Automatchic 3 allows bodyshops to find the best colour formula for virtually any car on the road.

Sikkens Automatchic 3 uses the latest, long-life LED optical technology. The light intensity is exceptionally stable to ensure accurate colour readings and three pressure pins optimize the positioning of the tool on both flat and curved surfaces. These features, together with the stray light barrier, prevent interference from external light sources, which results in a better colour reading. 

Recently Akzo Nobel announced the introduction of the new and revolutionary Automatchic 6i – an advanced tool that measures color, coarseness and sparkle of special effect coatings. This advanced tool is now used for formula development in Akzo Nobel colour laboratories, hugely improving the colour accuracy of the Sikkens database.

Laura Taylor, Sikkens Product Manager 
“The right colour match is at the heart of every successful paint job. With the new Automatchic 3, our customers have access to the very latest in lab-quality colour matching technology – making a seamless match quick and easy,”